Download the Label App: Text LABEL to 21333


My label does not have a barcode on it to scan what should I do?

These are older SMART Labels and have not been updated – please contact your business agent to order new labels.

The barcode scan did not work on the app?

Different scanners work different ways with your phones camera and technology. Simply write down the number below the bar code and enter it into the app separately. The unique number will still work the same way.

Can I report an issue anonymously?

Yes, while you still need to enter an email address to get a response. The app will use a proxy server to make sure your comment is anonymous.

Where do issues get reported to?

For union label issues they get reported to your business manager. All other reports get sent to the communications department of the national union to track down. So please specify location and local when reporting additional issues.

The app is not finding the label number that I scanned/entered. What should I do?

This could be that the label is not attached to a contract or is a faulty label. Please report this as a problem with the label from within the app. Please provide as much detailed information as possible including the unique label number for SMART-Union to quickly troubleshoot.

The App is on my phone but not able to scan or enter a label correctly. How should I proceed?

Please double check that your phone has wifi or cell service. The app still needs to communicate with SMART-Union’s database and will not work without the ability to connect.