Videos: Telling the Story, Educating Members

Videos are an especially compelling way to tell the label story, educate SMART members, and encourage them to make the labels work. These label videos should be used in presentations, sent directly to members (via e-mail or text messages), and posted on local web sites and social media.


A special introduction

An overview of the Label It! Scan It! Report It! campaign and call to action from SMART General President Joseph Sellers, Jr.

Download the label app

In less than a minute, this video urges sheet metal workers to download the label app and tells them how to do it.

What is wage equalization?

This video simply and quickly explains this important concept, which is central to the labels.

What if there’s no label?

This video tells what to do if product shows up on a job site with no union label.


Go to the SMART YouTube channel for more SMART videos.